World Class Mentorship

If you know where you are going, your journey is short, if you know how to get there, your journey is shorter, if you know someone who has been there, your journey is shortest, if the person decides to take you there, you are there already. This is what mentorship is all about.

You have an opportunity to become a mentee of the people who embody the principles you learn on the platform, who have simplified the process of wealth creation into instructions that you can follow.

Enjoy access to the only personal development tool that will enable you achieve and exceed your life’s goals and aspirations. .

Premier Wealth Academy

Wealth is a discipline. Like every discipline, it must be studied and understood. Merignos is the first wealth academy emerging from the depths of Africa.

With over 15 years of in-depth study and practice of the laws and foundational principles of wealth. Merignos breaks down these timeless knowledge into easy to understand and practical lessons that are applicable in every facet of your life.

This is the only platform where you graduate as a billionaire. Your proof of being our student is the guaranteed success you will see when you apply all you learn.

Dynamic Investment System

Investment is buying a day in the future where you don’t have to work anymore. At Merignos, we know that everything works, including investment. There are no bad investments, there are only bad investors.

In addition to teaching you about investments, we have also designed a dynamic system in partnership with proven investment firms to enable you multiply your earnings as well as inculcate into you the culture of investment.

For 1 year, Merignos puts you on a platform that invests your money, after which you are given the liberty to continue or discontinue with the investment.

Platform That Pays You To Study

Earn all you can while you learn.

Studying is a royal behavior. Education is no longer confined to the classroom.

Earning while studying is a rare thing to come by. This is what Merignos offers. .

Merignos Reward System

We offer you a tremendous opportunity to start your own business.

The sales force is compensated for both the sale you generate individually and the sales of the other team members you recruit. .